From KCI Airport
Distance: 21 Miles
Approximate time: 26 minutes

Upon arrival, park in the visitors section, and check in with the guard in the lobby.

1 Exit terminal area onto LP COOKINGHAM DR. 2.2 miles
2 Merge onto I-29 S / US-71 S toward KANSAS CITY. 10.7 miles
3 Merge onto US-169 S via EXIT 2B toward KANSAS CITY DOWNTOWN. 5.6 miles
4 US-169 S becomes BROADWAY BLVD. 0.6 miles
5 Merge onto I-35 S. 1.1 miles
6 Take the 27TH ST exit - EXIT 1B - on the LEFT toward BROADWAY. 0.2 miles
7 Ramp becomes PENN VALLEY DR. 0.3 miles
8 Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto BROADWAY ST. 0.2 miles
9 End at Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company: 3130 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64111