Evolving from the Joint Venture Division, Specialty Benefits has experienced exceptional growth. Beginning with a concentration in prescription drug carve outs, the unit now encompasses three product lines: prescription drugs, vision and dental. 

The demand for prescription drug programs is stimulated by the increasing cost of traditional medical programs. By “carving out” prescription coverage, the benefit can be properly managed thereby reducing cost to the employer. Partnerships include distributors (MGAs, TPAs and brokers), pharmacy benefit managers and reinsurers. This program fits well with all medical product lines — major medical, self funded, short-term medical, limited medical products — and is available to both small and large groups. 

Vision coverage is a solid, low-cost employer benefit. Once offered primarily through discount cards, vision benefits are enhanced by utilizing managed care networks in conjunction with insured benefits to provide a defined value to the employee that is cost effective .

Dental is the newest of the product lines. FSL's strategy is to target small-business employers to offer both employer-paid and voluntary coverage. We also target coverage to individuals who do not have access to an employer-sponsored plan. With the flexibility in plan design and pricing the product can fit the needs of individuals, employers, HMOs and work-site marketing through MGAs, TPAs and brokers.

Specialty Benefits' exceptional growth is a direct result of our ability to meet the challenges of a new market by fully drawing on our existing expertise and resources.