Our Value

Beyond our half-century track record of product innovation and service excellence, the success of our business — and trust of our partners — depends on FSL's strength in product development and delivery, information systems and security, and partner support.

Ideas Are Welcome

Our tagline, Come Build With Us, isn't a superficial expression. FSL genuinely values partners with fresh perspectives or market expertise — the foundation on which long-term, mutually beneficial relationships are built. We're serious when we say, "Bring your best ideas. We're ready to build."

Speed to Market

FSL believes an idea worth implementing should be implemented as soon as possible. That's why we approach product development with a priority on getting to market. It takes experience, specific product expertise, and a nimble structure and approach, which FSL has developed over fifty years.

Information Security

FSL has always invested heavily in modern systems and infrastructure, and today, data security is foremost in our infrastructure design. Our dedicated Information Security Team utilizes cutting-edge security tools to manage and monitor our network for threats from around the globe.

Partner Support

FSL's proprietary Forms & Documents Support Library was developed to address partners' needs for immediate access to the latest policy forms and compliance directives — a tangible benefit for partners in this ever-evolving and challenging regulatory environment.

Enterprise Risk Management

FSL maintains its top-tier ratings by rating agencies and favorable independent audits, in part, by focusing its ERM framework on the fundamentals of building future economic value through financial and operational stability, by identifying, measuring, monitoring, and managing current and emerging risks.

Bar graph showing partner longevity

We Make Commitments

It's well-established that FSL values its distributor partnerships, several of which have endured since the Company's earliest years. These long-term, trusted, and stable relationships are a result of FSL's consistent delivery of collaborative, custom solutions and responsiveness to partners' needs.

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