Companies define performance in a variety of ways. At FSL, performance is determined by consistently and reliably meeting the needs of our partners, policyholders, and associates, which translates into financial success.

Financial Highlights

FSL's 50th year in business resulted in record earnings, a reflection of success on many levels, from operations to underwriting and investments to enterprise risk management. We look forward to building more record success in premium, assets, capital and surplus, and other important metrics.

Capital & Surplus +18.6% +79.2%
Assets +5.3% +21.8%
Direct & Assumed Premium +9.7% +39.2%
Net Income Before Tax +18.4% +98.2%
Fiscal 2018 Results

Capital & Surplus

FSL’s Capital & Surplus continues to grow at a steady pace. In 2018, the company added $39.96 million to its reserves, an increase of 18.6%, aided by a reduction in corporate tax rates and a one-time capital gain on stock in a company that was once a wholly owned affiliate. In the last two years alone, FSL has bolstered its capital by a $55.5 million, which is more than the total capital accumulated by the company in its first 35 years.


FSL’s Assets eclipsed the $1 billion mark for the first time in 2018, settling at $1.033 billion at year’s end. This was an increase of $52.2 million, or 5.3%. Over the last decade, FSL’s assets have grown 43.3%, or $424 million.


Another billion-dollar milestone, FSL’s Direct & Assumed Premium soared by nearly 10% in 2018, growing by $91 million to finish the year at $1.02 billion. Direct & Assumed Premium has more than doubled in the last decade on growth of 56.3%, or $527 million.

Net Income Before Taxes

FSL earned a record $42.5 million in 2018 for an 18.4% improvement over the previous year’s record net income of $35.9 million. Fiscal 2018 was the sixth consecutive year of earnings growth for the company, and the ninth in the last ten years.

Book Value Comparison

Compared to the average public company or the average insurance company, FSL has achieved enviable growth in the last dozen years. FSL’s book value per share has outperformed the S&P 500 average share price by 60% since 2007 and the S&P Insurance Index average share price by 75.5%.

Annual Report

For more perspective on Fidelity's success in 2018 and an overview of its 50-year history, request of copy of the company's Annual Report.

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